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How to Check Your Home is Ready for Winter

It is always sad when the summer comes to an end and the prospect of winter is around the corner. Winter can be a tough time of the year around the country and means there are steps you want to take to make sure that your home is ready for the worst of the weather.

Check Your Home is Ready for Winter

Outside the home

One of the first things to have someone check is the roof of your home.  This will handle the worst of the winter weather, but a slight weakness can let water in and lead to damp problems.  A roofing expert can assess the roof, look for signs of damage and correct them.  You can even carry out a simple test yourself – go into the loft and look for daylight.  If you see some, this is a gap or a hole that needs dealing with.

Gutter cleaning is another service to consider before winter comes around.  This is often best done in autumn when the leaves from trees and shrubs are drifting around.  These can block up the guttering or there may be moss growth in it and this stops it working correctly.  So by having the gutter cleaning done, you can ensure the water is carried away from the house.

Inside the home

Before you need it too often, it can be an idea to have your boiler serviced.  This will have spent a long time over summer with nothing happening and when the pressure of winter comes along, problems can appear.  By having it serviced before you need it, you can ensure it is ready to go when the temperatures drop.

Window cleaning inside and outside the home is something that is often done on a regular basis, but it is worth asking your domestic window cleaning company to clean the frames and any window screens before winter comes.  Not only does it look nice, but it can help reveal any weaknesses in seals that can let the heat out of the house.  You can do the same inside the home yourself by cleaning around the windows and looking for gaps.

If you want your radiators to do a bit more, one simple trick is to slide panels of tin foil behind them.  This reflects the heat back into the room rather than allow it to escape through the brickwork.  It is a simple and efficient way to improve your home’s heating and you can’t even see it.

Get the right help

Getting the right help is also important at this time.  Look for companies who can do a few jobs such as cleaning windows and the guttering or servicing the boiler and checking the pipework is well insulated.  Then you will be ready for whatever winter throws at you.

We offer both domestic window cleaning and commercial window cleaning as well as gutter cleaning.  So if you need help to prepare your home for the winter with these services, we can help.  Our services cover window cleaning in Tunbridge Wells as well as windows cleaning in Crowborough and surrounding areas.

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