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Professional window cleaner in Crowborough and Tunbridge Wells

Do you need domestic window cleaning in Tunbridge Wells because your home windows are looking a bit shabby? Or are you after commercial window cleaning in Crowborough because you don’t have the time (and equipment) to clean them yourself? If you need either of these services, then Ian Wallace Window Cleaner is here to help. We offer domestic window cleaning, gutter cleaning and commercial window cleaning around the area to suit your needs.

window cleaner in Crowborough

Our Services

  • Domestic window cleaning includes frames and window screens
  • Improve the look of your home and the lifespan of your windows
  • Gutter cleaning to ensure drainage systems work well
  • Commercial window cleaning including shops and schools
  • Various systems used for efficient and effective cleaning

Get your home windows clean

The windows of your home is your view of the world, part of the impression your home makes to people who see it and also a key part of the weatherproofing of the property.  Keeping them clean is about more than looking nice – it helps keep them in good working condition and therefore can extend their lifespan.  Cleaning windows inside is often easy enough but outside is a different matter and that’s why we offer both one-off services and regular window cleaning.

As well as the windows of your home, we also offer gutter cleaning.  This involves getting up to the gutter to clear any debris such as leaves or even remove moss that is growing there.  This ensures the water flows through the gutter and away from your home.

Commercial services

For our commercial customers we offer a number of services.  We can clean windows in an array of buildings including shops, factories, warehouses and schools.  We use water fed pole cleaning to reach heights and also reach and clean systems to ensure the best possible job.  All quotes are free, and we can either arrange to regularly visit the property to clean the windows or just come for a one-off cleaning session as needed.

"Cracking Lads, really friendly , get the job done to a very high standard every time they come."

Corie H.


If you are looking for a company that offers high-quality window cleaning services at highly competitive prices, then you have come to the right place. At Ian Wallace Window Cleaner, we provide effective window cleaning services to both domestic and commercial customers in Royal Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough. We use a water fed pole system for effective and hassle-free cleaning. Call 07909 910 888 / 01892 664 195 for a free quote or get in touch by clicking the button below.