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Why Does Your Property Need Gutter Cleaning?

All homes and most commercial properties will have guttering.  It runs around the edge of the roof and meets up with downpipes to send water to the drainage system below the building.  Unassuming stuff, guttering – it works away every day for you, protecting the property and clearing away water.  But does your property need gutter cleaning?  And how often?

your property need gutter cleaning

What causes gutter problems?

There are two main problems facing the guttering around your house or business.  The first is that they become blocked by debris or moss growth.  The second is that they are damaged by something, such as debris flying around and impacting them.  The latter is often easier to spot because the gutter might be out of alignment, there’s dripping water when it rains, or you can it isn’t connected properly.

Blocked guttering can be a little harder to spot, especially in the earlier stages.  Falling leaves are a top cause of blocked drains and gutters, falling into them and lodging there, allowing more to build up and eventually blocking the gutter.  Or they can be carried to the downpipe and cause a blockage there which means water overflows and spills onto the ground around the house – and onto anyone walking underneath!

Dealing with blocked gutters

If you spot a problem with a guttering that doesn’t seem to be working properly, you need to get someone to take a look at the problem.  Often if you find a local window cleaning company, they have the equipment to handle the problem.  So if you are a homeowner, look for domestic window cleaning services or for a business, look for commercial window cleaning.

The window cleaner might take one of two approaches.  Often, they will use a water fed pole system that allows them to clean the guttering from the ground.  It is the same system you see used in window cleaning Tunbridge Wells or to for commercial window cleaning in Crowborough – a brush on the end of a long pole that propels water through it to clean.

If the problem isn’t a blockage caused by debris, then it is often due to the growth of moss which likes the damp conditions of gutters.  Most gutter cleaning services will include moss removal, and this means the cleaner will use ladders to reach the blocked gutter and physically remove the moss to allow water to flow again.

Regular gutter cleaning

Even if you don’t have signs of gutters being blocked, it is worth having a regular inspection and cleaning to prevent this from happening.  Most experts recommend once a year for gutter cleaning or as soon as you notice any problems that could lead to a blockage.  Also, consider having areas such as the fascias and soffits around the guttering checked as these support the gutters but can also be prone to wear and tear due to the weather.

If you have a lot of overhanging trees, you may also want to consider adding a gutter guard and protection over your drains to reduce the chance of blockages and cut down the frequency of gutter cleaning visits.

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