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Why We Use the Water Fed Pole System for Window Cleaning

At one time, when a window cleaner needed to get up high, the only solution was the ladder.  And that’s fine but there are times when the ladder isn’t an option – high winds, heavy rain and snow are three examples.  This could often mean that companies offering window cleaning in Tunbridge Wells found that they couldn’t do their rounds when the weather was bad.  Then the water fed pole system came along.

Water Fed Pole System for Window Cleaning Tunbridge Wells

How it works

With this system, window cleaning can be done from ground level.  It works equally well for domestic window cleaning as for commercial window cleaning and allows window cleaners to reach much greater heights – while their feet are on the ground.  In fact, some systems can reach as high as 70 feet using telescopic poles that have the cleaning brushes at the end.

Another reason that the system is a big benefit is the quality of the end result.  Most window cleaning in Crowborough and around the area will see people arrive with a bucket in hand.  And this works well but tap water is full of sediment and minerals – these are the impurities that cause spotting and streaking on the windows.  By using purified water in a water fed pole system, you can clean windows to a much higher standard without that streakiness.

Benefits of water fed poles

There are some obvious benefits to using a water fed pole system over traditional window cleaning options.

For starters, it is much safer because there are no ladders involved.  And while this is less a concern when you are the homeowner, it is still more reassuring to see workers on the ground than at the top of a ladder.  Plus there is less chance of damage to your property if there is an accident, like a dropped bucket hitting a car on the driveway.

The pure water also makes it a very eco-friendly way to clean your windows.  There are no chemicals or cleaning products needed as it is about the power of the system and the purity of the water.  So you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching into the soil around your home as a result of the cleaning process.

An increasing number of homes have windows in different places such as roof windows or skylights on flat roofs.  With traditional systems, these can be hard to reach but with a water fed pole system, it isn’t a problem to have these cleaned to the same standard as your normal windows.

Other services

As well as cleaning windows, the system can be used for a range of other cleaning systems.  Gutter cleaning is one example where the pole can be used to clear debris such as leaves from the gutter.  Only if there is moss removal needed does the cleaner normally need to climb up the ladders.  It can also be used to clean roofline areas such as fascia boards and soffits that need regular upkeep to ensure they continue to protect your home.

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